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Expand Your Businesses

Posted by: George, on 04/06/2014

Prior to starting your business, you more than likely researched it thoroughly with the assistance of books, magazines, the internet and advisors. You probably invested a great deal of time and money to get up to speed with your business objectives. So what is the next step? Often, expanding your business can be as daunting […] more…

When Good Moves Turn Bad

Posted by: George, on 09/04/2014

When calculating moving costs, it’s tempting to opt for the cheapest company quote or trying to do the job yourself by enlisting the help of enthusiastic staff. What could go wrong you ask yourself, it’s as simple as going from A to B. Unfortunately, removal horror stories are all too common, and it could pay […] more…

Don’t Leave Your Online Presence Behind

Posted by: George, on 25/03/2014

There are lots of matters to consider during an office relocation – Office Removals Sydney are the right team to perform the physical moving of furniture, equipment, files, and anything else you don’t want to leave nailed down at the old premises. Amidst all the hustle and bustle including the logistical strategy of coordinating staff, […] more…

Trim Your Office Relocation Budget

Posted by: George, on 27/02/2014

As the old saying goes, ‘a dollar saved is a dollar earned’. Here are some tips to assist in trimming your fitout and relocation expenses. The open plan office Open plan offices are rapidly becoming the norm for many businesses. An open plan can improve staff communication, invite natural light and provide a sociable layout […] more…

Legal Issues in an Office Relocation

Posted by: George, on 09/02/2014

For the ongoing success and security of your business during an office move, it’s important to understand the legal issues involved in the relocation. There are several areas that require attention from operational and legal perspectives. The current office exit strategy There are many good reasons for taking out a new office lease. Possibly your […] more…

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Manage Your Business Relocation

Posted by: George, on 03/02/2014

Relocating a business can be a complex process. It’s a good idea to break down the move into stages, ensuring your relocation is well planned and trouble-free. Selecting your site Prior to scouting new office locations, take time out to plan your project, including factoring in a timeline, budget and consultation with colleagues and staff […] more…

What to Do After the Office Move

Posted by: George, on 18/01/2014

An office move is a forward step toward progress for your company, and is the perfect time to review service providers and office suppliers. The move provides an opportunity to renew office supply contract terms or conditions that can favour your business. There are several areas that should be considered. Utility costs The completion of […] more…

Colour Psychology in the Office

Posted by: George, on 15/01/2014

An office move can be a great opportunity to promote your company brand and image. Office Removals Sydney are the premier moving company for assistance not only with moving, but also regarding placement of furnishings and important infrastructure to optimise office productivity. At some stage during the move, when staff understand the layout of the […] more…

Office Moving Tips & News in Technorati!

Posted by: George, on 23/11/2013

Our blog got accepted to Technorati’s blog directory. That’s great news, hopefully we’ll get a few visitors from there. You can find our listing here: more…

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When to Get IT Involved in an Office Move

Posted by: George, on 19/11/2013

Office moving and in-house upgrades require an understanding of timelines required by all trades persons and staff members. Certain aspects of the move will go well, while others may present stumbling blocks which could be prevented with a little forethought. The goal is for a move that has a positive effect on clients and staff […] more…

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How to Store Your Files After Moving Offices

Posted by: George, on 31/10/2013

A well organised information and record keeping system will make your company cost-efficient. It can also help reclaim misused office space. Some businesses consider a storeroom as the dumping ground for scrap paper and documents, but the end result is sure to be an unsightly, disorganised mess. As a business grows and staff numbers increase, […] more…

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Common Office Relocation Mistakes

Posted by: George, on 29/10/2013

Moving your business to a new location can be an exciting time. After all, the move usually involves hopes and dreams of business expansion, greater customer reach, and possibly even a new social circle of like minded entrepreneurs. At times it seems the sky is the limit, with plans for increased growth and productivity bearing […] more…

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Employee Considerations in Your Office Move

Posted by: George, on 28/10/2013

Whatever the reason your company is moving: downsizing, a cheaper location, or expansion, it’s essential to make sure your employees are considered and kept informed so they feel part of the business plan. Generally speaking, a company will move in order to increase profit and minimise expense. It’s essential for a company to ensure continued […] more…

Choosing the Right Office Design

Posted by: George, on 20/10/2013

Getting your office layout and design right can be the difference between success and failure in a business. There are many considerations to be made, including finding a compromise between affordability and perfection. The excitement of moving into a new premises can soon evaporate if wrong design choices are made, with staff forced to work […] more…

Residential Development Booms Amidst Forecasts Housing Market Set To Rebound

Posted by: George, on 07/10/2013

Property mogul Harry Triguboff has put his money where his mouth is, buoying up his claims that the housing market is set to rebound by forging what is a landmark deal for his company, the Meriton group, The Australian recently reported. This move comes amongst reports by industry experts that the housing market will rebound. […] more…

What Employees Really Want

Posted by: George, on 22/09/2013

Google’s London headquarters seems like the ideal place to work. Far from the typical office environment, the interior designers were instructed to create a vibrant workspace that made going to work fun. Cosy snugs, a library of inspirational books, roof terrace allotments, and a games room kitted out with pool tables and consoles are all […] more…

Designing Your Office to Reflect Well on Your Business and Brand

Posted by: George, on 09/08/2013

For a corporate executive, a key element in driving long-term productivity is matching the right skill set, workspace and operational goals. If you own a business, you should pay attention to the way your occupational settings are designed, because a perfect office blueprint not only reflects well on your company, it also affects your brand […] more…

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Workspace Design 101: 10 Key Things to Consider When Designing Your Office Settings

Posted by: George, on 25/07/2013

Workspace design is an essential element in corporate branding, not only in the way outsiders view your company, but also the opinions that insiders—your staff and investors, for example—form about the business. Spare no effort to design a work setting in sync with your company’s vision and operational model. If you run a Sydney-based business, […] more…

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Top Office-Design Tips to Spark Creativity and Prevent Boring Office Meetings

Posted by: George, on 22/07/2013

In this day and age, designing a top-notch office space often carries a hefty price, but experts say the benefits of a well-designed occupational locale yields far outweigh the initial costs. Before planning your office layout, you should do your homework but also enlist the help of professionals as varied as office removalists, architects and […] more…

Why an Open-Plan Office May Be Suitable For Your Business

Posted by: George, on 12/07/2013

Every now and then, you hear a news story about the way a company is able to boost productivity by improving its office layout, or how, conversely, it ruined its chances of competitive prominence by adopting an office plan not conducive to employee performance. Either way you analyse this kind of story, you invariably would realise that […] more…

Our Website Usability Test Video

Posted by: George, on 10/07/2013

When our website was launched, we bought a website usability test from a user experience and conversion rate optimisation professional. This is his video where he talks about our website’s content, navigation and lead generation. We’ve changed a few things since May, but do let us know if you have a good idea about […] more…

Top Ideas to Build a Greener Office Building

Posted by: George, on 22/06/2013

In the last few years, society’s call for a cleaner environment and a reduced industrial pollution has spurred the emergence of new types of occupational spaces, one of which is the green office. To build an environmentally sustainable office – same thing as a green office – you should pay attention to a few things. […] more…

Our Office Relocation Checklist Video is Live

Posted by: George, on 21/06/2013

We do like whiteboard animation videos, because the visuals help explaining relatively boring topics in a more interesting way. Our office relocation checklist is a popular page, as well as the downloadable PDF, but we decided that a 2 min video would be even better. Let me know what you think about this short whiteboard […] more…

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Home Office Design Ideas

Posted by: George, on 05/06/2013

You don’t have to dole out a lot of cash to create a perfect home office. Professionals such as removalists and office packing specialists can give your relevant ideas to design, test and implement your home-based business facilities. But you still need to do your homework, talk to the right people, and apply a few […] more…

Local directories

Posted by: George, on 26/05/2013

We will try to collect all the important local directory listing here, so our customers can leave reviews, whichever review website they prefer or have profile on. Do let us know if you need more information about posting reviews. Google Places a.k.a. Google+ Local TrueLocal Yelp Pinterest Office Removals more…

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Best Ways to Choose the Perfect Office Space

Posted by: George, on 25/05/2013

Your business is growing, and clients are clamouring for more customer service personnel to handle their requests. To cope with competitive forces and expand your business, you decide to move a new, larger office building. The move makes economic and operational sense, but you should pay attention to a few things to make sure the […] more…

Our Office Removals Whiteboard Video

Posted by: George, on 07/05/2013

Check our first whiteboard promotional video about our office removals services. more…


Moving Offices to Remote Locations

Posted by: George, on 02/05/2013

Scheduling office removals within a medium or large city or to a neighbouring one is as easy as getting in touch with a moving company. Relevant contact information can be received from a variety of sources. The Importance of Getting References Other businesses are usually willing to recommend moving companies that gave them outstanding service. […] more…

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10 Steps to Planning an Office Move

Posted by: George, on 27/04/2013

Preparing an office for a move is often a seemingly overwhelming task. You will need to devise a plan on how to move your business while still serving your clients. The following 10 systematic steps will guide you as you prepare to move from and into your new office quarters. First Step – Clarify Your […] more…

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How to Estimate Office Removals Costs

Posted by: George, on 25/04/2013

The office removals estimate is the most important aspect of office move preparation. Office moving estimates are provided from moving companies to clients to give them a better idea of their total service cost. Whether office or house, relocation can be intimidating, especially in the case of a large office set-up where the safety of […] more…