What to Do After the Office Move

Posted on 18/01/2014

An office move is a forward step toward progress for your company, and is the perfect time to review service providers and office suppliers. The move provides an opportunity to renew office supply contract terms or conditions that can favour your business. There are several areas that should be considered.

Utility costs

The completion of your move by Office Removals Sydney is a time to investigate bargains. Utility companies are constantly offering great deals to entice new customers, and the move is an opportunity to evaluate cost-effective solutions. Large utility companies undercut each other in their quest for your clientele, and there is money to be saved on gas, electricity, and water for tenants that take the time to find the best price. Energy bills are constantly on the rise, and a dedicated investigation to save on expenses will be worth the trouble. It’s a surprising fact that very few tenants take advantage of cost-effective deals by shopping around or switching suppliers. Office properties make up a significant percentage of energy companies earnings, and by taking a little time, a business owner can save hundreds/thousands of dollars per annum. The move with Office Removals Sydney will save money, and there is more to be saved post move.

Streamlining Customer relationship management (CRM) systems

Improving your CRM system can provide real and ongoing benefits for any company by creating a more efficient business. From marketing to services, an optimum CRM system will satisfy existing customers and entice potential new clients also. A fine tuned system will allow you to anticipate and understand customer needs in a consistent fashion. The CRM system should allow you to track and measure advertising strategies in email, search, telephone, social media, and direct mail, and can be used to assign, create, and manage customer requests. The move to a new office is an ideal time to dedicate staff to assigned roles in optimising performance across all channels.


All businesses require insurance in order to protect office contents and equipment such as furniture and computers. An appropriate policy should cover you against all risks, including fire and water damage as well as theft and accidental damage. It’s also a good idea to include loss of data and artworks, which are normally not covered by standard policy. The move is also an opportunity to change insurer if you are unsatisfied at present, and always search for the best possible price.

Cleaning services

A new business is a source of pride, and keeping it clean and tidy will require organisation. You may need to employ the services of an office cleaning company providing regular services as well as carpet cleaning, bathroom sanitisation, window washing, and more. Again, it could be an ideal time to negotiate prices with your present cleaning company, or search for a better rate.

Office supplies and stationery

Keeping the new office well equipped with office supplies will go a long way toward staff satisfaction at the new premises. Make sure to keep all staff updated during the change to ensure their needs are satisfied and they feel their suggestions can be taken on board. Competing stationery suppliers can also deliver savings to your company.


Office Removals Sydney are experienced in transporting valued artworks. New artworks may also be required to create the desired company brand in your reception area or offices. Artworks can assist in portraying a good first impression for clients and visitors. It’s also inspiring for employees to work in an environment that offers a touch of quality and class. Artworks that are appropriate for your budget and business will set off the new office, and stimulate a new-found dedication for success.

There is real money to be saved after the office move. Take advantage of these tips and you will reap the rewards.

By George B (follow me on Google)