When Good Moves Turn Bad

Posted on 09/04/2014

When calculating moving costs, it’s tempting to opt for the cheapest company quote or trying to do the job yourself by enlisting the help of enthusiastic staff. What could go wrong you ask yourself, it’s as simple as going from A to B. Unfortunately, removal horror stories are all too common, and it could pay dividends to consider carefully how to organise your move and which company to hire. Here are some considerations.

Damage to expensive furniture or equipment

Fragile ornaments and office equipment needs to be handled with care. Most damage caused by self -movers is the result of handling mishaps and inappropriate packing. It’s all too easy to dent and scratch large furniture items by inexperienced and careless moving, especially when doorways and stairwells need to be negotiated. Having too few (or too many) hands on deck can also result in poor handling of bulky items. Sometimes even the best laid plans go wrong, and it’s wise to eliminate risks by hiring the professionals.

Property damage

In a battle between a sharp corner and a velour couch cover, the sharp edge will win every time. It only takes one such mishap by a well intentioned staff member to make your self-move plan more expensive than hiring a professional company to do the job properly. It’s a deflating experience to have to relocate damaged items in the new office.

The squeezy van move

An all too common scenario is to misjudge the amount of goods you will be moving. What to speak of furniture crammed into a small van, even your boxes of files will probably add up to a large load. By relying on a small vehicle your move could be delayed or scattered over time that would be better used in business productivity. By consulting with Office Removals Sydney prior to your move you can be certain of the right sized vehicle and adequate manpower.

A lack of packing materials

This is another very common occurance. Almost everyone who self-packs underestimates the amount of boxes and tape they will require. Skimping on packing often results in damaged goods. Everything should be cushioned or wrapped adequately, and a border of cardboard with a sliver of sticky tape will not be your ideal protection for precious items. A removalist firm will provide blankets for large items to avoid scratching, and can also provide boxes for the smaller stuff.

The late start

I know I’m sounding repetitive, but this really is another all too common scenario for the self-packing team. Starting too late, getting lost, not arriving on time, finding yourself locked out of the new premises – all of the above can and do happen. It’s already a trying time organising staff and business contacts regarding the new location, and taking on the burden of the move itself can be the straw that breaks staff morale.

Unexpected costs

You may find that you require and extra vehicle or two to get the job done. That’s your moving budget blown out of the water already. If the move takes longer than expected, a self-mover will be forced to continue renting the vehicle for another day or two. An unprofessional removalist company may also try to extract extra money from you by dragging the job on for much longer than necessary. Get a reasonable estimate from Office Removals Sydney before job commences and set your mind at ease.

The self-move or man with a van option may seem economical at first glance, but it could cost you money (and stress). By choosing the right company things are much more likely to go smoothly, with any concerns alleviated to your satisfaction. With Office Removals Sydney you can feel confident your goods are in safe hands.

You can download our office relocation checklist (PDF) for free.

By George B (follow me on Google)