Things to Attend to After Relocating to Your New Office

Posted on 03/02/2020

moving to a new office

So you’ve finally transferred to your new corporate space. Physically relocating all your equipment, appliances, files and systems to the new office, however, is just the first step to your new life in that location.

If you head the company’s move team, you know that sustaining change will be a big challenge as everyone in your organisation get used to your new environment and maximise the office to its utmost advantage.

You need to attend to several administrative and maintenance aspects of your business to complete your transition:


Ensure that the power and water supply at your new office is ready for use and put under the company’s name.

You must also know where the main switches for the electricity, water and heating systems are so that designated individuals in the company can shut them off in case of an emergency.

Phone and internet connectivity

As a major pillar in the operations of your company, the communication lines you have with your business partners, clients and the rest of the world should be set up once you’ve moved to your new office.

If you made the necessary coordination with your IT and human resource teams before the move, your overall downtime should be down to a minimum.

Security and identification

The installation of time clocks or card entry systems for employees plus security systems from locks to CCTV cameras should also be prioritised for payroll and safety purposes.

Insurance policies

Be sure that you’ve cancelled any insurance policy linked to your previous landlord and take out a new policy for your new office.

Seek the help of a professional insurance broker if you need help in determining the best type of insurance for your business.

Also, check if the property owner has a security guard for the building during and after office hours.

New address

By the time you transfer, you should already be working out or have already accomplished changes to your website, email signatures, social media pages, contracts, company literature, letterhead, invoice templates, paid advertising campaigns and automatic bank payments so that all of them will show your new address.

Your company should also update your company address with the Australian Securities & Investments Commission.

Give a copy of your new address to your former landlord or the tenant that will move to your former office so they can inform couriers or AusPost personnel if they receive any mail that belongs to you.

Business signage

Ensure that you have the signage of your company ready by the time you move to your new location. You can set up temporary signage before your relocation if you don’t have it professionally made yet.

This will complement any notification you posted in your old office about your upcoming move. This will also give early notification to your customers and suppliers about your new base of operations.

Customer relationship management (CRM) system

Now may also be the time to evaluate your current CRM system. Check how it monitors and measures client responses through your various channels, how it manages queries and requests and how it’s able to generate new customers.

New neighbourhood information package

To ensure workforce satisfaction, provide your employees with information about where they can eat lunch, buy snacks, shop for groceries or bring their children for day-care services.

Your business should consider giving employees an afternoon off to familiarise themselves with the new neighbourhood.

Lighting and ventilation

Your new office will be an area where employees will love to work productively if there’s adequate lighting, from both natural and artificial sources, and sufficient ventilation. This will reduce fatigue and prevent any possible health issues.

Readiness for inspection by the fire department

Have your office electrical equipment fitted correctly and emergency exits clearly marked and accessible once you move. This is to reduce the risk of being penalised in case the local fire and rescue agency pays a visit to your new office.

Parking space for cars and bikes

Check if you have a dedicated parking area for your employees and if there are enough spaces for your workforce to use easily.

If you’re located in a biking community, check if there’s enough space for your employees to store their bicycles.

Repair and cleaning services

Determine early on who’s responsible for repairs. If it’s your company and not the landlord, set aside an allotted budget for it.

Check the cleaning service you need for office upkeep, bathroom sanitation, window washing, carpet cleaning and so on. See if you can negotiate a better rate with the service provider you had at your old office or scout for a new one.

Moving to your new office will also be a good time to reiterate workplace hygiene reminders for individual desks to common areas, like the kitchen, lobby and more. Remind everyone that the look and feel of the office contribute to employee morale. Encourage departments to take ownership of their areas.

Office supplies and stationery

Survey your new area for nearby suppliers if your previous one can’t continue providing for your needs at your new location. Some stores have an online presence so you can replenish supplies more easily and even pay online too.

Now may also be a good time to check if you need new appliances or equipment like furniture with tech capabilities or wheels, partition screens, erasable boards, air purifiers/humidifiers, coffee makers and so on.

Overall design

Displaying art in the workplace can promote feelings of unity if they depict images of common concern. Meanwhile, paintings, murals and photographs of nature can relieve stress and spark interaction. Office Removals Sydney has the expertise to handle and transport your valued artwork safely to your new location.

An alternative or complement to artwork is indoor plants. Whether they’re potted plants or vertical gardens, a.k.a. “living walls,” indoor plants can help with the overall mood of a workplace. You can also try placing an aquarium in your office to help set a more relaxing atmosphere.

Office Removals Sydney can help you and your organisation achieve a safe and easy office move so you can set up your new corporate home in no time.