Employee Considerations in Your Office Move

Posted on 28/10/2013

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Whatever the reason your company is moving: downsizing, a cheaper location, or expansion, it’s essential to make sure your employees are considered and kept informed so they feel part of the business plan.

Generally speaking, a company will move in order to increase profit and minimise expense. It’s essential for a company to ensure continued viability in the marketplace. In the process, employee needs should not be overlooked. Make sure to educate employees about the new office location and changes this may mean to their daily commute. It’s a good idea to peruse the employee database to get a better understanding of travel distances required to access the new location, including the availability of public transport services.

Associated travel issues should be discussed with affected employees. Help them understand available options such as parking space and charges. Let them know well in advance as some employees may prefer to find a new job closer to home, and you may need to set about hiring some new staff members. An alternative in some cases is to offer flexible work schedules, with employees starting work earlier or finishing later. Communicate with employees on a regular basis. Give them a chance to air their grievances or concerns about the office move. This will also ensure hear-say or negativity about the move is kept to a minimum.

Give employees time to adjust to the new location. An office move can be disruptive in many ways, but often it is simply a case of getting used to a new routine. Most employees will rise to the challenge, embrace the change, and adjust their commute accordingly. Often the stress of moving is more about the unknown than the actual move itself.

Sydney CBD office buildings

Provide employees with the opportunity for feedback, and possibly even anonymity in expressing their concerns and suggesting changes. It’s a good idea to set aside some time for company meetings so that everyone feels they are on the same page. You could assist office harmony by getting employees involved in the move, so they feel part of the business plan and have an emotional investment in proceedings. It is also worthwhile asking staff for their opinion regarding the new space and how it should be set up for a better overall working environment. The more they are involved, the greater level of teamwork and harmony will ensue. It’s important to keep company morale high during this often stressful time.

Staff really appreciate when their opinions are considered important. Find out what doesn’t work for them in the present office space and how it can be improved at the new location. Employees can often be an overlooked source of invaluable consultation for improvement. You can even delegate key aspects of the move to trusted employees, including overseeing trades persons, coordinating the office moving company, and structuring timelines and budgets. Re-branding the company to suit the new location is another sure-fire way of stimulating employee enthusiasm. Putting a new face on the company may well result in a newly committed and fired-up workforce.

You may even consider taking some time out with your employees, visiting the new location, and getting a feel for the space. Allowing them some time at the new location will stimulate ideas, enthuse them about the transition, and ease their way into the new chapter of your business.

By George B (follow me on Google)