Don’t Leave Your Online Presence Behind

Posted on 25/03/2014

There are lots of matters to consider during an office relocation – Office Removals Sydney are the right team to perform the physical moving of furniture, equipment, files, and anything else you don’t want to leave nailed down at the old premises. Amidst all the hustle and bustle including the logistical strategy of coordinating staff, plus setting everything up at the new location, there are bound to be some things that are forgotten.

One of the most common oversights during an office relocation is the importance of updating the business online presence. Failure to do so could result in a dramatic dip in your business search engine ranking and a drop off in custom as clients struggle to locate your office. Customers need to know your whereabouts, and searching online is one of the first methods people turn to when locating a business. Areas that are often overlooked are easily identified.

Your online contact address

Changing details can actually be more difficult than it first appears. Your online presence will possibly have lots of online citations or references you are not even aware of. Major search engines gather information about your address in order to determine your search ranking, and it’s important that they have your correct telephone number, physical address and internet address.

Here are some areas that may need updating:

  • Your website, including every page that features your address
  • Social media sites including Facebook and Google
  • Directory sites that list your address
  • Sites where you wholesale and retail goods, including auction sites
  • Business and trade websites
  • Map and navigation provider sites

By performing a general web search on your current address, many citations will appear, some of which you may not even know about. Some sites will provide guidelines on how to update your online profile.

Business phone numbers

It’s usually a good idea to keep the same telephone number if possible. If you move a greater distance to a different calling area, you may wish to change your number, as the old “out of town” number may affect your local search engine placement. Remember to forward your old number so existing customers can easily find you.

Marketing materials

In the rush to make the big move, marketing materials can sink to the bottom of the to-do list. Make sure to change all your marketing materials whether they are paper-based, digital or online. Depending on the advertising scope of your business this could include reconfiguring videos, email updates and other online media in addition to hard copy brochures and literature. Even your company vehicles may need a sign writing makeover.

Keep it simple

Moving office is a great opportunity to tidy up the physical environment, and you can also take the opportunity to streamline your online strategy. Consider creating a master version web address. Your location may be known by many different means – abbreviations, industrial district names, nearby lane-ways and more. Educate your contacts and clients in using your exact address including spacing and punctuation. This simple tip and those mentioned earlier will make you easy to find and keep your business up and running at the new location. Office Removals Sydney will ably handle the rest of the move.

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By George B (follow me on Google)