Trim Your Office Relocation Budget

Posted on 27/02/2014

As the old saying goes, ‘a dollar saved is a dollar earned’. Here are some tips to assist in trimming your fitout and relocation expenses.

The open plan office

Open plan offices are rapidly becoming the norm for many businesses. An open plan can improve staff communication, invite natural light and provide a sociable layout that enhances employee satisfaction. Financial benefits also flow on, such as the need for fewer partitions, less joinery and the use of more adaptable furnishings. A reduction in A/C use and improved air flow will also be appreciated.

Source second hand furnishings

More appropriately known as pre-loved, second hand office furniture is often high quality, and sometimes in as-new condition. Purchasing pre-loved also avoids manufacturing and delivery delays, and may fit with your company’s environmental ethos. Many areas are worth considering including workstations, storage and chairs.

Negotiate your lease

It’s no secret that landlords have a difficult time filling all available office space, and incentives are available. Office vacancy rates are affected by continued commercial developments, and by knowing the market situation, you can enter into negotiations with confidence. Now is an opportune time to negotiate your present or future lease.

Green is the new black

Some environmentally conscious decisions are expensive, but many green alternatives are actually cost free. Implementing green principles and ideology into your workplace can also have a pay-off with clients and customers that share the ideals of sustainable business development. Your reputation as a progressive business can lead to greater exposure and custom.

Spatial needs

A mistake often made in business relocations is to select a space without exactly knowing your present and future needs. A commitment to surplus space is an expensive headache, and the opposite, having too small a space means you will soon be needing to move all over again. Research and planning is essential in order to make your move a success.

Get it right first time

The end of the fitout and interior design phase usually also means the purse strings are officially closed. Ensure that all important areas of the office are delivered in full upfront. Small (yet costly) improvements are unlikely to remain a priority after occupation. Create a vision that enables you to carry out the fitout in progressive stages.

Consider an existing fitout

An existing fitout can be suitably adapted to your company needs. Compare your present premises with the potential location to ascertain if your business can function adequately without making expensive changes. With careful planning and advice from spatial analysts and fitout experts you could save a bundle, while still keeping an eye out for your future dream office space.

Plan thoroughly

Investing your time into all aspects of the fitout and relocation will ultimately save time and money. By understanding the project stages you can avoid unnecessary downtime and plan revisions. Quantifying all costs upfront will help you avoid budget blow-outs. Include Office Removals Sydney in the equation.

Understand the cost of quality

Does your business really require a high-end reception area? Your business may be better off with better quality staff facilities. Surface components vary greatly in appearance, cost and function, from timber, stone and laminate finishes. Allocate a budget that provides the materials suited to promote your company brand.

Consult with the experts

Selecting experts in their respective fields, such as architects, builders, and removalists such as Office Removals Sydney will ensure the finished product meets your expectations. By hiring qualified and reputable service providers your office will be up an running on time and on budget.

By George B (follow me on Google)