Moving Offices to Remote Locations

Posted by: George, on 02/05/2013


Scheduling office removals within a medium or large city or to a neighbouring one is as easy as getting in touch with a moving company. Relevant contact information can be received from a variety of sources.

The Importance of Getting References

Other businesses are usually willing to recommend moving companies that gave them outstanding service. You can start by asking other businesses located within the same building as your business that moved in the past.

If you have to deal with a moving company that no one you know has used before, then it is wise to ask for references. You will be shocked by what businesses have experienced when dealing with movers. Some companies may hold the things moved because of some hidden charges. This may something as flimsy as having to climb more stairs than they anticipated! Others simply disappear into thin air before the office belongings are delivered.

Ensure the references you get are reputable and do not neglect asking for their genuine points of view.

Stay Within Your Budget

Once you have received contact information, get in touch with the moving company and ask for a quote. This will help you verify whether the services offered fall within your budget.

Moving to Remote Locations

There are times when you may need to move your business farther than a neighbouring city. You may even want to relocate to another country where you see more potential for growth. In such a case, you will need more time to get the right company to perform your office removals.

Depending on the things to be moved, you may have to look for a specialty moving company. For example, you may need a company specialising in industrial equipment if you want to move manufacturing equipment. Remember that such services are usually offered at premium rates and you must be prepared to dig deeper into your pocket.

Different companies specialise in handling different kinds of office removals, including:

  • Long haul moves
  • Short office moves
  • International moves
  • Heavy industrial equipment

Moving an office to a remote location also tends to take more than one day considering both the volume of equipment to be moved and distance to be covered.

Check Level of Experience

You can easily determine a company with experience in moving high-volume industrial equipment. Check how they operate when they visit your premises to give you their estimate. A skilled moving company will check every little detail and plan the move skilfully.

Do not play a passive role. Ask them how they plan to move one type of equipment or another and take careful note of the response you receive. Prepare a list of questions that will help you choose an experienced moving company. While you should always think about your budget, do not settle for a company because of the charges alone. Is the deal too good to be true?

Be wary of a company that appears to stumble around without a concrete idea on how to perform proper coordination.

By George B (follow me on Google)