Best Ways to Choose the Perfect Office Space

Posted by: George, on 25/05/2013

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Your business is growing, and clients are clamouring for more customer service personnel to handle their requests. To cope with competitive forces and expand your business, you decide to move a new, larger office building. The move makes economic and operational sense, but you should pay attention to a few things to make sure the move process goes smoothly. Furthermore, enlist the help of removalists or professionals proficient in everything from office removals and office moving tips to office packing.


The neighbourhood where your new office building is located matters a lot. Make sure the vicinity is in sync with your brand, business model and operational aspirations. That way, customers – and the general public, for that matter – do not see a disconnect between what your corporate brand purports to represent and what happens in reality. For example, if 90% of your clientele operate from Sydney’s Central Business District, it makes sense that you operate nearby or, even, within CBD. Being far from your top customers reduces operational closeness and could make it difficult to win new business.


Accessibility is integral to the process of moving from one office space to another. Accessibility means your business partners can visit your corporate offices without much inconvenience. It also implies that your personnel can use public transportation to and fro the offices. In Sydney, for example, office removals specialists have enough topological expertise to tell you whether the neighbourhood and the office building itself are suitable for public access and can accommodate any type of vehicle. Thinking about office accessibility is important because the last thing you want is to have clients who are unable to visit you and discuss business.

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In this modern-day economy, office amenities are playing an increasing role in the way companies attract and retain professional talent. Workers, especially those who are highly sought-after, require some basic incentives before signing up with a company. As a business owner, you should pay attention to office amenities in the building where you plan to move your staff. This is because amenities can go a long way toward establishing your brand in the marketplace and distinguish your business from the competition.

Amenities include things like:

  • Dedicated receptionist
  • Onsite manager
  • Opportunities for social networking, especially during the holidays
  • Centralised heating and air-conditioning that extends to late hours – an important point, especially if your staff must work late to handle operational growth or take care of overseas clients
  • Exquisite artwork in the lobby
  • Common-area furniture available for visitors and other guests
  • Top-notch security system 24/7
  • Fitness clubs and other health-improvement facilities


To choose the best office space for your business, seek assistance from professionals as diverse as real estate brokers, corporate strategists and removalists. Things you should take into account when planning your move include the welfare of your staff, whether the new space meshes nicely with your corporate persona and brand objectives, and whether the new place is accessible and has appealing amenities to satisfy your personnel’s needs.

By George B (follow me on Google)