10 Steps to Planning an Office Move

Posted by: George, on 27/04/2013

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Preparing an office for a move is often a seemingly overwhelming task. You will need to devise a plan on how to move your business while still serving your clients. The following 10 systematic steps will guide you as you prepare to move from and into your new office quarters.

First Step – Clarify Your Reason For The Move:
Clarifying why your business needs to move will not only guide you during the process but will also aid your staff and customers. A clear understanding of your need for an office move will guide you in your search for a new space. Viable reasons to consider an office move include:

  • Expansion
  • Downsize
  • A better location
  • Cost factors

Step Two – Prepare A Checklist:
An office move checklist is the ideal way to begin your preparations. This list will direct you throughout your entire move; as it helps you organise a successful move with minimal interruptions to your business.

Step Three – Determine Important Dates:
Set a date for the move to give you a starting point to complete tasks. Create a timeline of items you must accomplish by a certain date. This timeline will guide you throughout your entire move.

Step Four – Establish A Budget:
Establish a detailed budget for your move. Your budget will help you choose a good property, be aware of all associated moving costs and will help you avoid overspending.

Step Five – Consult With Your Real Estate Agent:
Consult with a local real estate agent to help you locate the correct property for your business needs and to negotiate the optimal terms of your new lease.

Step Six – Hire an Office Removals Company:
Select an office removals company carefully. Make an appointment with a few of them to discuss your move, your needs and your budget requirements. Inform the office removal company which items will be moved, disposed of and replaced.

Step Seven – Create An Office Design For Your New Space:
Creating an efficient space for your new office will help guarantee a smooth transition. A proper office space will promote productivity while improving the morale of your employees as they adjust.

Step Eight – Create A Plan For Moving Your Electronics:
It is essential to create a plan for moving your computer and phone system. Plan to have these items moved and installed first to minimise any disruptions in your business.

Step Nine – Settle The Terms Of Your Lease:
Have your real estate agent finalise your new lease. Your agent will need to ensure the lease has clearly outlined any agreed upon terms before you sign the lease agreement.

Step 10 – Make Necessary Repairs:
The final step is to ensure your old space is in proper repair before handing it over to your previous landlord. By leaving your old space in good condition, you will not have any disputes regarding the return of your rental deposit.

If you follow the preceding 10 steps, you will help ensure your office move proceeds smoothly and is successful.

By George B (follow me on Google)